Pary zdań (6)

Uzupełnij pary zdań tym samym wyrazem, tak aby zdania były logiczne i językowo poprawne.

1. The alarm clock didn’t go .
Nobody came because someone called the meeting.
2. I’ve out of milk, can you go shopping?
How fast can she ?
3. This car is . It belongs to me.
My dad works in a .
4. Can you the salad because I haven’t added any spices yet.
Winter is my favourite of the year.
5. You’re here, at ! Where have you been?
I was the one to finish the race.
6. The events are shown on TV.
What is the speed of the of this river?
7. I spent hours on the basketball when I was a kid.
My mum works in a of law.
8. It’s no crying over spilt milk.
In order to do this exercises you have to your imagination.
9. Did Mr.Fisher you? Is he our coach?
Did you come here by ?
10. The situation went out of .
You can’t everything that happens in your life.