Transformacje ze słowem kluczem (7)

Użyj słowa klucza podanego w nawiasie aby wyrazić to samo co w zdaniu głównym.

1. “Did you eat the chocolate cake?”, Anna asked Peter. (IF)
Anna the chocolate cake.
2. James takes care of his mother. (AFTER)
James mother.
3. You cleaned the living room but it wasn’t necessary.(HAVE)
You the living room.
4. We went for a walk although it was raining yesterday. (SPITE)
We yesterday.
5. I regret not speaking to the professor. (WISH)
I to the professor.
6. Could I borrow this book from you? (LEND)
Could this book?
7. I can’t wait to go on holidays. (FORWARD)
I on holidays.
8. People believe that he is innocent. (BELIEVED)
He innocent.
9. I probably don’t know the truth. (AWARE)
I the truth.
10. She’ll probably get the job. (LIKELY)
She the job.