Transformacje ze słowem kluczem (3)

Użyj słowa klucza podanego w nawiasie aby wyrazić to samo co w zdaniu głównym.

1. There was no one at school yesterday. (WASN'T)
There yesterday.
2. They moved to Warsaw in 2009 and they still live there. (SINCE)
They .
3. Whose bag is it? (DOES)
4. This corridor is not wide enough. (NARROW)
This .
5. It is not a good idea to go there alone. (NOT)
You .
6. Kids must not enter the building alone. (ARE)
Kids the building alone.
7. We lived in the USA last year. I don’t live there now. (USED)
We .
8. You can unload the dishwasher but it is not necessary. (TO)
You the dishwasher.
9. I promise that I will clean up. (TO)
I .
10. It is the rule that everyone is quiet. (BE)