Pytania pośrednie (Past Simple)

Uzupełnij pytania pośrednie.

1. Did you bake that cake?
Can you tell me that cake?
2. Where did you go on holidays?
like to know on holidays.
3. Were you abroad last week?
Can you tell me last week?
4. What time did she speak to you?
Can you tell me to you?
5. Did they bring the flowers?
Do you know flowers?
6. Who took my umbrella?
Do you happen to know my umbrella?
7. Was she a teacher in this school?
Do you know in this school?
8. Why did you call your mum?
I'd like to know your mum.
9. When did Lisa and Mark finish university?
I'd like to know university.
10. Did you swim across this lake?
Can you tell me across this lake?