Pytania pośrednie (Present Continuous)

Uzupełnij pytania pośrednie.

1. Where are you going?
Can you tell me ?
2. Are the children playing with their toys?
Can you tell me with their toys?
3. Why is she crying?
I'd like to know .
4. Is John reading that magazine?
Can you tell me that magazine?
5. Who is talking to your brother right now?
I'd like to know to your brother right now.
6. When is Maria visiting her aunt in the hospital?
Can you tell me her aunt in the hospital.
7. Are you talking to me?
I’d like to know to me.
8. What time are they coming?
I'd like to know .
9. Is this woman writing the report?
I'd like to know the report.
10. Is he arguing with that man over there?
Do you know with that man over there?