Różne (5)

Utwórz słowa z podanych słów tak aby utworzyć logiczne zdania.

1. Martin plays the guitar. He’s a good . MUSIC
2. I didn’t pass the exam. I felt like a . FAIL
3. What is the rate in Poland? Are there many people who don’t have a job? EMPLOY
4. My mum works in a agency. She enjoys it a lot. SECRETARY
5. Do you know how to this problem? SOLUTION
6. Come on, don’t be . Ghosts don’t exist! FOOL
7. Are the clients happy with the product? No, they seem with it, unfortunately. SATISFACTION
8. I had a very happy . I was very happy when I was growing up. CHILD
9. This is not something that you see every day. It’s very . USUAL
10. Can you tell me how to this word? PRONUNCIATION