Czasowniki od rzeczowników

Utwórz czasowniki z podanych rzeczowników tak aby utworzyć logiczne zdania.

1. As soon as they us we’ll ask for something to eat. ACCOMMODATION
2. Who is going to my room? Can I do it myself? DECORATION
3. The actors always on stage without any help of the director. PERFORMANCE
4. The doctor didn't actually any antibiotics, he told me to stay at home and rest. PRESCRIPTION
5. Did she this machine? Wow, I'm impressed. INVENTION
6. Who will the mystery of his death? Nobody knows. SOLUTION
7. He doesn't many workers, only a few of his closest friends, actually. EMPLOYMENT
8. When are you going to and let young people take over the business, dad? RETIREMENT
9. Postmen letters and parcels right to your door, isn't that convenient? DELIVERY
10. Did he Facebook? CREATION