Przymiotniki od czasowników

Utwórz przymiotniki z podanych czasowników tak aby utworzyć logiczne zdania.

1. Has he always been so ? I mean he doesn’t stop talking. I’ve had enough of this. TALK
2. She was the most person I have ever met. Thanks to her I managed to do everything I planned. HELP
3. What are you so about? You'll manage to finish it on time, I'll help you. WORRY
4. I could never live in such a town! You can hardly breathe! POLLUTE
5. What is your status? Are you married? MARRY
6. If you aren't an worker, it'll be difficult for you to find work. And you need to find work to gain experience… EXPERIENCE
7. The story of his life was so that everyone was listening with their mouths open in total shock. BELIEVE
8. She doesn't have any income at the moment because she is . She's looking for work. EMPLOY
9. Before making a decision it's good to look at kinds of materials to use. Then you can decide on the design. VARY
10. He’s such a good friend of mine, I know I can talk to him about anything and he always helps me when I need him. He's so . RELY