Czasowniki frazowe z IN

Uzupełnij zdania odpowiednim czasownikiem w odpowiedniej formie.

move * call * chip * cut * hand * plug * fill * send * stay * give

1. in this form before you see your doctor. Don’t forget to sign it.
2. Tomorrow we’re in to our new apartment. I’m so excited!
3. Do you want to in for Martha’s birthday present?
4. The Polish government will never in to terrorist threats.
5. Whenever I start speaking she in, it’s so annoying when she’s interrupting me!
6. Don’t forget to in homework on time.
7. She’s not feeling well, she’s going to in.
8. You didn’t in the radio, no wonder it’s not working.
9. Students must in their assignments before the end of the month.
10. She in last night to check how we were doing. She didn’t say that she would visit us.