Czasowniki frazowe z ON

Uzupełnij zdania odpowiednim czasownikiem w odpowiedniej formie.

depend * carry * check * get * have * pass * turn * take * hang * count

1. Don’t let me down, I’m on you.
2. – Do you think it’s a good restaurant? – Well, it on what you like to eat.
3. My son has been very quiet for the last ten minutes, I’d better go and up on him.
4. Do you on well with your parents?
5. The news is about to start, can you on the TV, please.
6. – Hello, is Sarah home? – on, I’ll check.
7. It was very noise in the room but I just on with the work.
8. Do you any money on you? I need $10.
9. Help yourself with the cookies and the plate on to the next person.
10. I had to on responsibility for the project.