Mowa zależna (czas Future Simple) - pytania

Uzupełnij pytania w mowie zależnej.

1. Will you help me?
I asked him me.
2. Where will you be this time next year?
I asked Anna this time next year.
3. Will she win the elections?
I asked my mum the elections.
4. Who will you be in the future?
My parents asked me in the future.
5. When will you call me?
My friend asked me her.
6. What will your sister do now?
My teacher asked me now.
7. Will they visit us?
I asked us.
8. Will your teacher give you a punishment?
I asked Tom him a punishment.
9. What will you watch on TV?
My friend asked me on TV.
10. Will you bring me a sandwich?
My brother asked me him a sandwich.