Zdania warunkowe (typ 1,2,3) - zdania

Uzupełnij zdania warunkowe odpowiednią formą czasowników w nawiasach aby utworzyć zdania warunkowe (typ 1,2,3).

1. If I (be) you, I (take) an umbrella.
2. As soon as I (leave) school, I (start) looking for a job.
3. Sorry for being late. If we (know) the way, we (get) here on time.
4. If I (meet) President Obama, I (ask) him about Poland.
5. Kate doesn’t speak Japanese. If Kate (speak) Japanese, she (go) to Japan.
6. Tommy is going to the doctor tomorrow. He (get) there faster if he (get up) earlier.
7. If it (not be) for your help, I (not manage) to finish the project. Thank you!
8. You’re lazy. If you (not be) so lazy, you (earn) more money.
9. Unless it (rain) , we (go) to the party.
10. I (consult) a doctor if I (be) you.