Strona bierna (Present Simple, Present Perfect, Past Simple, Future Simple, czasowniki modalne, be going to) (1)

Uzupełnij zdania używając strony biernej.

1. People play volleyball in Poland.
Volleyball in Poland
2. My grandfather built this house in 1893.
This house by my grandfather in 1893.
3. The teacher has done the project.
The project by the teacher.
4. Someone drank my juice.
My juice .
5. Students mustn’t break the rules.
The rules by the students.
6. You have made the sandwich.
The sandwich by you.
7. What can I say about it?
What about it?
8. She didn’t make this mistake.
This mistake by her.
9. I won’t revise the material for the test.
The material for the test by me.
10. Did you write this book?
this book by you?