Strona bierna (Future Simple)

Uzupełnij zdania używając strony biernej.

1. They will announce the result of the test tomorrow.
The result of the test tomorrow.
2. Will you keep the secret?
the secret by you?
3. The teachers won’t sing the song.
The song by the teachers.
4. The students will speak the language fluently next year.
The language fluently by the students next year.
5. Who will write the poems?
Who the poems by?
6. John will break the world record.
The world record by John.
7. I will not repeat it again!
It again!
8. Why will you close all the shops?
Why all the shops ?
9. The scientist will do the experiment next month.
The experiment next month.
10. They won’t feed the animals.
The animals by them.