Brakujące słowa

Uzupełnij zdania jednym słowem w odpowiedniej formie.

1. “We are the ” - it's a famous song for the winners, do you know it?
2. Who the second goal for Manchester United?
3. is Julie’s new hobby. It's like skating but on little wheels.
4. The referee blew the final and it was the end of the game.
5. Which team do you ? Which team are you a fan of?
6. The managed to save the goal, but he was hit by another player.
7. When it's raining outside we have our PE lesson in a , inside the school building.
8. Tom was in the and everyone thought he would win but he fell and broke his toe.
9. Because one of the players was fouled 3 meters away from the goal the opponents got a . That's when you score from 11 meters.
10. Are you planning to up a sport this month? I was thinking about doing yoga, I have never tried before.