Past Simple i Past Perfect (1)

Uzupełnij zdania używając odpowiedniej formy czasowników w nawiasach używając czasów Past Simple i Past Perfect.

1. By the time Mary (wake up) her children (go) out.
2. Until I (travel) to Spain I (go) abroad.
3. When the student (enter) the classroom everyone (start) to write the test.
4. I (not recognize) my friend because he (change) a lot.
5. By the time I (turn) forty I (become) the manager of my company.
6. They (can't / get) on the plane because they (not buy) the tickets.
7. My sister (be) really hungry because she (forget) to eat breakfast.
8. When Julie (start) the presentation she realized she (not take) her notes.
9. She (fail) the exam because she (not study) at all.
10. There (be) no food in the fridge because I (not do) the shopping.