Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect - uzupełnij zdania i pytania

Uzupełnij zdania używając odpowiedniej formy czasowników w nawiasach używając czasów Past Simple, Past Continuous i Past Perfect.

1. When I (come) to the party everyone (go) home. No one was there.
2. While the man (drive) a car a dog (jump) onto the street.
3. Last night I (talk) to my girlfriend on the phone.
4. My parents (speak) to my teacher before I (come) to school.
5. they (prepare) everything before you (ring) the bell?
6. Tom and Jerry (watch) TV when I (walk) in the living room.
7. When you last (visit) your grandmother?
8. you (sleep) when the men (break) into your house?
9. By the time I (raise) my hand someone (answer) the question.
10. Who (create) this beautiful sculpture?