Transformacje (5)

Przeczytaj poniższe zdania. Uzupełnij luki tak aby zachować znaczenie zdania wyjściowego.

1. Why don’t we ask someone?
How about someone?
2. Where’s the nearest supermarket?
Do you happen to know .
3. She will probably learn how to drive.
She is to drive.
4. Did you participate in the competition?
Did you take competition?
5. “Stop talking!”, the teacher said.
The teacher told me .
6. She came home. Her parents had gone out earlier.
When out.
7. If you don’t listen to me, you’ll be in trouble.
Unless in trouble.
8. I was jogging. I bumped into Ted.
While Ted.
9. Meg can learn very quickly.
Meg learner.
10. “Are you happy with yourself?” – my mum asked.
My mum asked me if .