Present Perfect Continuous - zdania

Użyj czasowników w nawiasach w odpowiedniej formie.

1. I (read) “Romeo and Juliet” for five hours. I’m still reading now.
2. My mum (clean) the living room for the whole evening! It’s always very messy.
3. The students (not listen) to me so now they don’t know which exercise to do.
4. It (snow) for the last couple of hours so the city is covered with snow.
5. My friend (talk) to that guy for an hour now! Who is he?
6. I (collect) stamps since I was a little boy. I still collect them!
7. My dad (not work) for a few weeks now, he’s still searching for a job.
8. They (not study) hard enough. Actually they are not studying now either.
9. We (run) for two hours, we’re exhausted and we still have to run for one kilometer.
10. My grandfather (not garden) for a long time, now the grass is nearly taller than him!