Różne słowa - zgadnij

Przeczytaj cytaty i uzupełnij: ludzie/miejsca/rzeczy lub czynności.

1. “You should take these pills twice a day and stay in bed.” (person)
2. “Now, it looks like you’ve been eating a lot of sweets and forgot what a toothbrush is.” (person)
3. “I can’t sell those drops unless you have a prescription from a doctor.” (place)
4. “Let me know if you need anything else, Miss Blake. The doctor will be right with you.” (person)
5. “She had a car accident a year ago and you can see that it has left a mark on her injured leg until today.” (thing)
6. “Good morning, Mr. Smith, I will take you to the operating theatre now and I will perform the operation on you. Don’t worry in an hour it’ll be over.” (person)
7. “This old woman took too many sleeping pills and she’s now in hospital.” (thing)
8. “Nurse! I need a doctor! My eye hurts!” (person)
9. “I jumped into the lake and I injured my spine. Now I can’t walk and I have to use this instead.” (thing)
10. “You should always say ‘Bless you’ when someone does that.” (action)