Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect - ułóż pytania

Ułóż pytania do podanych zdań. Wyrazy pytające zostały już podane.

1. Adele gave a great concert in London last night.
Where ?
2. It was snowing heavily all night in Paris last week.
When ?
3. My mum used to call me every day when I was in college.
Who ?
4. I was visiting my aunt when I broke my leg.
What happened ?
5. They were playing football when I came home.
What ?
6. The film had already started when we got to the cinema.
What ?
7. I didn't like the book because it was too long.
Why ?
8. They used to ride bicycles twice a week.
How often ?
9. The workers finished work at midnight.
What time ?
10. Teachers were looking at Jane when suddenly she fell down.
Who ?