Różne wyrażenia - popraw błędy

Znajdź i popraw błędy w literowaniu. Wpisz poprawne słowo na końcu każdej linijki.

1. I went to the batcher’s next to my house to buy some meat.
2. In the ferniture shop you can buy tables, chairs and sofas.
3. There is a wide choise of products in here. Come and see for yourself.
4. What is the prize of this T-shirt? How much is it?
5. I asked the shop asistant to help me but she said she was too busy.
6. I wanted to take this broken equipment back to the shop but I lost the recept.
7. If you want to buy it you have to stand in this queqe to the checkout.
8. How do you call a person who is addicted to doing shopping? – Shopholic.
9. She went to the newagent’s to buy some newspapers and magazines.
10. This is too expensive. I can’t aford to buy it.