Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect lub Present Perfect Continuous - pytania

Ułóż pytania do podanych zdań. Wyrazy pytające zostały już podane.

1. My dad is reading the news online.
Who ?
2. I play tennis with my brother once a week.
How often ?
3. She has been to the USA many times.
Where ?
4. My cousin is friendly and nice.
What ?
5. We've been working on this exercise for two hours.
How long ?
6. The plane is flying to Moscow tomorrow?
When ?
7. The train from Berlin arrives at a quarter to eight.
What time ?
8. She trains every day because she wants to be the champion.
Why ?
9. She has already spent $100.
How much money ?
10. The woman does the ironing twice a month.
Who ?