Czasownik z "ing" czy bezokolicznik z “to”? (6)

Uzupełnij zdania odpowiednim czasownikiem w odpowiedniej formie.

finish * watch * have * open * deal * play * abort * deliver * spend * do

1. The astronauts decided the mission earlier.
2. Who wouldn't like some alone time on the beach of Bahamas? I certainly would.
3. My younger brother agreed the homework for me, he's so stupid.
4. I have to practice the piano twice a week.
5. Would you mind the window for me please.
6. Mark offered shopping to his grandma’s house every weekend.
7. John and Mia miss time together so they are thinking about getting back together.
8. Did you manage the project successfully?
9. When I was sixteen years old I learnt with everything on my own.
10. Why don't you want this horror with me? Are you scared?