Zdania warunkowe - typ 1 i 2 (2)

Zdania warunkowe (typu 1 i 2). Uzupełnij zdania używając odpowiedniej formy czasowników w nawiasie.

1. It is warm and sunny. But if it (snow) now I (make) a snowman.
2. (you/ask) her out when you (see) her around?
3. Tatiana (talk) to you if she (have) more time, but she's very busy now.
4. If I (not do) my homework I (be) in trouble.
5. If I (not care) about her so much I (not buy) her flowers every day.
6. Unless you (study) hard, you (fail) the exam.
7. If I (be) more intelligent I (become) a teacher.
8. If he (know) the answer he (tell) you, but he doesn't.
9. Tom (help) you when he (come) home.
10. If this teenager (get) back home later than 10 pm his parents (be) very angry.