Past Simple i Present Perfect (2)

Zdecyduj, którego czasu użyć i uzupełnij zdania używając słów w nawiasie w odpowiedniej formie.

1. (you / go) to the party last night?
2. I (not / clean) my room for two weeks. It is very messy now.
3. (you / see) that film yet?
4. An hour ago I (play) chess with my friend and I lost again.
5. They (be) here for a week and they don’t want to leave.
6. – (he / like) the concert last night? – I don’t think so.
7. Ever since I was a little kid I (enjoy) reading books.
8. (you / do) the washing up yet?
9. Where (she / go) on holidays last summer?
10. When I was in Italy in 2007 I (see) the most beautiful beaches in the world.