Present Continuous - zdania i pytania

Uzupełnij zdania i pytania. Użyj odpowiedniej formy czasowników w nawiasach oraz odpowiedniej formy operatora: to be.

1. Look! They (dance) to the music.
2. your mum (cook) anything? It smells nice.
3. I (not / talk) to my best friend. It’s my sister.
4. She (not / write) anything at the moment because she doesn’t have a pen.
5. Where Mike (go)? I thought he would stay.
6. We (not / do) anything at the moment, we’re bored.
7. Where is Joanna? I think she (have) a bath.
8. Why he (run) around the kitchen? I think he’s chasing a bee.
9. I (play) my favourite board game, do you want to join me?
10. You (not / help) me much, just go home.