Present Simple i Present Continuous (4)

Niektóre czasowniki przybierają inne znaczenie kiedy zostaną użyte w czasie Present Continuous, a niektóre nie mogą być użyte w tym czasie. Przeczytaj zdania i uzupełnij je czasownikami podanymi poniżej w odpowiedniej formie: czasu Present Simple lub Present Continuous.


1. Do you know that Anna the doctor this afternoon? She told me she is very ill.
2. I my own car. My parents don’t have to drive me everywhere.
3. -Where’s mum? Is she in the bathroom? – Yes, she a shower.
4. I this exercise. I have no idea what it is about, it’s too difficult. I won’t do it.
5. What spices did Adam add to this soup. It great!
6. Hey, what’s up, why are you sitting here all alone? I about asking Michele to marry me. Will she say ‘yes’ ?
7. Don’t just stand there! We to go home, come on now!
8. -Listen Jane, I think we have to break up. We are very different from each other and… -I your point. I understand what you mean but don’t you think we’re a great couple?!
9. -Don’t eat the salad! It’s for the birthday party! –I’m not eating it, I it just to see if it is salty enough.
10. - Here’s my new project. I it will be a huge success. What do you reckon?