Mowa zależna (Present Simple, Present Perfect, Past Simple, Future Simple, czasowniki modalne) (2)

Zraportuj co powiedzieli ludzie.

1. She doesn’t go to my school.
William said that .
2. I can’t do it because it is too difficult!
Kate said that too difficult.
3. They have already traveled by plane.
Tom said that by plane.
4. The teacher was late for the meeting.
I said that for the meeting.
5. We aren’t hungry.
I said that hungry.
6. I have to tidy my bedroom.
The teenager said that bedroom.
7. The children will never forget this nice teacher.
I said that this nice teacher.
8. He hasn’t finished doing his homework yet.
He said that his homework yet.
9. You shouldn’t run on corridors.
The teacher told me that on corridors.
10. I go to the cinema twice a month.
My best friend said that he twice a month.