Mowa zależna (Present Perfect)

W rozmowie ktoś nie usłyszał co powiedziała ta osoba. Zraportuj co powiedziała.

1. I have always wanted to live in a different country.
I said that in a different country.
2. I haven't watched this fantasy film yet.
I said that this fantasy film yet.
3. She hasn't caught a cold yet.
I said that a cold yet.
4. My parents have always praised me for my work.
I said that for my work.
5. Caitlyn has already been to Italy twice.
I said that to Italy twice.
6. My cat has just jumped on the sofa.
I said that on the sofa.
7. I have already read all the set books for this school year.
I said that for this school year.
8. My brothers have just come back home.
I said that back home.
9. Michelle has never taken part in a race.
I said that in a race.
10. The president hasn’t written the document yet.
I said that the documents yet.