Czasowniki frazowe z: in, on, out, up, down - ćwiczenie powtórzeniowe 3

Wybierz odpowiedni przyimek.

1. Do you think it was possible to break of Alcatraz prison?
2. Dark and cold winter evenings are always getting me .
3. Don’t let me down, I’m counting you.
4. Do you think the prices will go next year? Is everything going to be more expensive?
5. The Polish government will never give to terrorist threats.
6. Do you have any money you? I need $10.
7. When he's dressed like that he can surely stand from the crowd.
8. Nancy can come with some great ideas sometimes, I wish she was here.
9. My mum’s car broke yesterday so I had to walk to school.
10. Don’t forget to hand homework on time.