Present Perfect - since, for, already, yet, just, ever, never

Uzupełnij zdania używając: since, for, already, yet, just, ever, never.

1. I have finished doing my homework. I wrote down the last sentence a minute ago.
2. Has she finished reading that book I lent her ?
3. They have been to so many countries in Europe that they are thinking about visiting other continents.
4. Has your friend been to Egypt?
5. Ever I was a little girl I have thought of becoming an artist.
6. I have looked at the computer screen thirty minutes trying to do this exercise. It’s so difficult!
7. Mary has eaten spinach. She thinks it’s horrible and she has always refused to eat it.
8. This band has released a new album recently. Have you had a chance to listen to it ?
9. Tom hasn’t eaten yesterday, he’s starving!
10. I have explained everything. Why should I say it again?